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CUSP® Sales System: Why Selling is Like Dating

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Neuroscience has revealed that we are the most social species on the planet. It should come as no surprise then that selling – like dating – is dependent on trust and likability. Ideally, for a first date to go well, there needs to be an introduction, followed by enough small talk to relax both parties. When on a first date, both parties are naturally looking for common interests. As such topics are explored, trust is built and negative tension drops. After a few more dates, both parties move on to solving each other’s real problems – often through explicit proposals and positive tension. This may then be followed by months of tacit negotiations. The CUSP® Sales System covers how best to deal with each phase of the dating game – and successfully closes sales too.

Selling is Seduction

The CUSP® Sales System has transformed the way selling should be viewed: as high-trust processes that are enjoyable for both the salesperson and the customer. Despite being developed to successfully close sales, this intuitive, powerful system covers the same stages as our dating analogy above. CUSP® has four principles. Each of these lead to the next and thus form a step-by-step guide to successfully closing a sale.

CUSP® Sales System 4 Stages
The Four Stages of the CUSP® Sales System

Customer Trust

The first of stage of this process, as is the case in our dating example above, involves building trust between yourself and your customer. Studies show that people have an unconscious repulsion to being persuaded – nobody likes a hard, impersonal sale. Overuse of this selling technique shuts down the cognitive and creative reasoning of our rational brain, the prefrontal cortex. In order to build customer loyalty, we need to gain their trust. Rather than pushing your product, stop and smile.  Lower the tension and increase the trust between you. Maintain eye contact while listening to your customer.

Uncover Customer Needs

Ask your customer probative questions and then really listen to the answers. In this way, you will be able to uncover your customer’s real needs.


Only at this stage do you introduce your product as a possible solution to your customer’s previously uncovered needs.


Having followed the above four steps, you are now ready to close the deal.

CUSP® Sales System: A Short Review

Customer trust is the vital first step

Uncover your customers’ real needs through probative questions

Solutions to customer needs are presented at this stage

Propose closing the sale

For more information on the CUSP® Sales System, browse through the downloads available under the sales techniques tab.


  1. 23rd April 2018

    So true. Humans are human in business, and because business is really just a “social-act”, this makes sense. Great article.


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