Trainer and Facilitator Programs

In 2020, Ian was awarded the best part-time faculty prize by The Gordon Institute of Business Science. GIBS is the #1 Business School in Africa (Financial Times). Ian’s score was an average of 96.4% for the year.

Markitects has a massive range of programs to create and position your competitive edge. We normally start our client relationships with exceptionally well priced, outcome-based strategic workshops.



Over 30 Strategic Marketing Programmes Written

Live Marketing Simulations, Neuroscience of Leadership, Psychologies of Successful Leaders, Psychologies of Success, Psychologies of The Customer Experience, Marketing Strategy, Strategy, Leadership in a Customer-centric Service Organization, Personality Profiling (for Selling, Negotiating Skill & Consumer Psychology), The 7-Deadliest Marketing & Sales Sins (The worst mistakes firms make), Success in a Downswing & How to Attack the Industry Leader, Downturn-Exploiting Strategies, Marketing Management, Sales Management (planning, organising, leading and controlling your team), Customer Experience Management (CEM), Customer Care & Services Marketing, Business Research Methods, High Trust Selling Techniques, Key Accounts Management (KAM), Negotiation Skills with Objection Handling, Body Language & Personality Profiling, Promotional Strategy, Managing a Marketing Campaign or Project, Stakeholder Relationships, Channel Management and Sponsorship Marketing.