About Ian Rheeder

Ian Rheeder’s core purpose is to make companies more profitable. He does this by using the most relevant consulting business models to best analyse a company’s situation, and thus offers the best market-driven solutions for their profit creation. This competency is also reflected in the most relevant, up-to-date training programmes, offering unique synergistic leadership in consulting, training and conference keynote addresses (hundreds of references available on request). Ian Rheeder uses the latest neuroscience studies to bolster his marketing, sales and leadership programmes.

Ian Rheeder trains and consults in the business, marketing & leadership space (i.e. persuasion sciences).
Ian Rheeder holds the highest professional marketing qualification (CM) in Europe & Africa
He also holds an MSc in The Leadership of Innovation (cum laude thesis on The Neuroscience of Leadership, The Da Vinci Institute)
Ian Rheeder is a registered training assessor with SETA South Africa. He facilitates most of their marketing, sales and leadership programmes.
Ian Rheeder has a depth of experience in both the marketing and leadership functions (so often it is leadership rather than marketing that needs to be improved). He considers it a privilege to do exactly what he wants to do: sharing this knowledge and experience.
Ian Rheeder is a prolific writer and is widely published. The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) hired Ian to write his first book “A Marketing Guide for Accounting Professionals”, 2008, published by SAICA (ISBN 0-86983-248-4). His TEC neuro-leadership model was published in Leadership Magazine (July 2012). He has written over 31 different training programmes, extending from Key Account Management to Recession Marketing Strategies. Sample Ian’s DTI sponsored talk on Downswing Strategies (YouTube). Also see Deadliest Sin Leaders & Managers Make (YouTube)
Founding member of the SA Marketing Association Past President of the Professional Speakers Association (Johannesburg Chapter)
Having researched 40 international brands whilst at Markitects and Group Africa (now EXP Agency), Ian gained his broad FMCG & B2B experience. Ian has spent the previous 23 years in senior marketing management, consulting and facilitation with major blue-chip companies. He has also done international work for The Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) South Africa.