How many salespeople would you hire if you knew they would not fail? 

"Ian is brilliant. His knowledge about sales is excellent. Would definitely recommend him." Sun International

"I believe that your session with our 150 consultants was a huge success. We look forward in working with you again in the near future." ABSA

"I will be able to apply the CUSP Sales Technique. Did SPIN Sales Training last year and it terrified me!" Specialised (Pty) Ltd

Over the past decade Ian has successfully trained thousands of salespeople. His previous corporate position was marketing & sales director of the global zipper giant, YKK.

Closing just 10% more deals can easily increase your company's profitability by 100%. What's more, in a stagnant economy selling should be everyone's business. So whatever your position, we should learn how to close more deals.

 The CUSP Sales Technique is extremely logical and intuitive -- exactly how selling should be. Using this simple yet powerful technique, you will learn to guide a prospects through a high-trust and low-tension experience … a win-win method of ‘selling’ that puts the customer before your ‘sale’.

 The most important aspect of the CUSP selling model is:

You cannot move-to-close until you have built the Customer’s Trust, removed tension by showing genuine interest in solving their Uncovered Problems, then formulate appropriate Solutions, enabling the final Proposal & close. If you do the first three steps well, customers will be willing for you to Propose to them. 


10:10: Brilliant course work, truly insightful and brings purpose to sales positions at Sun International. Every delegate (x18) scored Ian 100%! Sun International Sales Team